10 September 2022

Fairness and Security at Online Casinos – Are They Secure?

When searching for a licensed casino operator online, one of the top concerns of the gamblers is whether or not they are fair and secure. Unlicensed operators are unsafe to play with; they might also withhold payments and conduct unethical practices. Playing at an unlicensed online casino will likely put your personal and financial data at risk of cyberattack. These casino operators may also use your personal data for other nefarious goals. In addition to the leaked data, there is an added risk of fund theft from your banks. Remember, when playing on rigged casino sites for real money, you are risking your hard-earned money and losing it to fund the pockets of unlicensed operators. Many of these unregulated online casino operators habitually blame ‘technical flaws’ for the lost money. If you manage to win some money at these casino sites, it might become practically impossible for you to withdraw money from your casino account. One of the biggest frustrations with unregulated casino operators is the lack of consumer support if you are met with any problems. Owing to the lack of third parties to hold these casino operators accountable, once you lose your funds, it is lost forever.


Ideally, your chosen casino operator must be registered and licensed to ensure the safety and security of your personal and financial data. The casino operators must also be transparent about their track records – allowing gamblers to check their financial histories. The websites of an online casino operator must also be SSL secured, which ensures that your data is encrypted. A site with SSL compliance has a padlock icon on its address bar. Before registering with a casino operator, make sure to check out their privacy policies. They give an insight into how the operators plan to use your personal and financial data. Stick with the operators who have the best privacy policies in place. Check out the withdrawal policies of the casino operator of your choice. Some casino operators have strict withdrawal policies, making instant withdrawals impossible.

Every country has gambling laws in place, which ensures the safety and security of the citizens. In New Zealand, all gambling activities come under the 2003 Gambling Act, and the licenses are issued by the Department of Internal Affairs of NZ. The Department of Internal Affairs ensures fair play through casino gambling inspectors. The Casino Gambling Inspectors inspect, monitor, and audit gambling activities. Casino games are based on Random Number Generators, which don’t require any external output to generate results. The game mechanisms in a casino should be based on algorithms that generate completely random results. In other words, fair gameplay should be guaranteed to all players. A good casino should also employ identity and age verification to prevent underage gambling, fraud, and the risk of money laundering.

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