10 December 2022

Why is Online Gambling more dangerous than Casino Gambling?

The growth of internet gambling has undoubtedly fueled concerns about problem gambling. There are millions of online gambling sites to choose from, owing to the huge popularity and rise of mobile users in recent years. However, online gambling seems more addictive and dangerous than land-based casino gambling, even when it is done on a legally licensed and monitored gambling site. One of the major reasons is the increased accessibility. In the past, Gambling was a leisure activity for the elite – for those who could afford to go to places such as Las Vegas or London. Now, gambling is widespread and accessible more than ever before, with a majority of gamblers participating through online sites. In the past, if a gambler wanted to curb their unhealthy behaviors, the obvious step was to avoid going to casinos. Avoiding online gambling sites is much more difficult, as there are temptations or triggers whenever you log into your devices. When it comes to online gambling, the gamblers’ immediate family members and loved ones face difficulty keeping tabs on gambling. Since gambling can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet, it is harder for others to know how much time and money someone is gambling away.

Online Gambling

When someone gambles at a land-based casino, they use physical cash or objects such as chips or coins, such that when he loses money, he has an idea of how much he is actually losing. However, when someone is gambling online, this perception is severely limited. Deposits and withdrawals on an online casino site are made through net wallets and prepaid card payments. Losing money on online gambling sites can feel more abstract and less tangible. Another danger associated with online gambling is the increased risk of children or teenagers finding and using online gambling. Unlike in land-based casinos, where there are strict rules on the gamblers’ age and physical and mental state, online casinos cannot effectively enable such restrictions. For example, land casinos are less likely to allow a compulsive gambler or visibly intoxicated person to gamble – which cannot be done through online casinos.

Online casinos are notorious for providing beginners with free trials of the game, huge bonuses, and benefits. The free trials of games offered by online casino sites are much easier than the original game and are known for favoring player odds. These strategies are aimed at hooking the person to the game and giving an initial thrill to make them return for more. The algorithms that favor the house kick in when a gambler signs up for a casino operator, which heavily diminishes the chances of a player winning the game. In online gambling, a gambler often plays against robots or bots, which gives them no chance of winning. Moreover, these bots can be subtly rigged to give a significant house advantage in any game. Due to the obvious risks and dangers, it is clear that online gambling should be approached with caution.

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