Safety and Security Check

Most online gambling sites are SSL encrypted with an SSL certificate which offers a safe place for all gambling lovers. Furthermore, security checks performed on a gambling site during signup allow them to scrutinize and permit genuine customers to the site, which helps maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Ensure Payouts Are Guaranteed

A newbie gambler on gambling sites ought to ensure that the site offers convenient and safe payout options, which accompany the range of games they offer.

Sign Up Bonus Check

Most online gambling sites offer signup bonuses, accompanied by free spins and jackpots. If you are dipping your toes in the gambling pool, you must ensure you gain the full benefits of these offers. 

Do You Have to Pay Taxes On Online Gambling Winnings In New Zealand?

Online Gambling in New Zealand is considered a hobby as opposed to other countries, which possess professional gamblers. So whether you’re playing on online casino sites or land-based offline casinos, there are no tax impositions on gambling winnings. This rule applies to all winnings from online gambling sites, sports betting, and online poker.

Safest Casino Payment Methods: Deposits and Withdrawals

E-wallets, Paypal, Credit and Debit card payments, and cryptocurrency are some of the safest banking methods employed by online casino sites for secure payments and checkouts.

  1. 1
    Debit And Credit Cards

    Most online casinos accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and other international debit and credit cards. Check with your service provider to check for your eligibility.

  2. 2
    Online Casino E-Wallets

    It is the most transaction-friendly payment option many online sites consider today. According to seasoned online gamblers, this payment method redefines confidentiality and offers fast payment transactions.

  3. 3
    Bank Wire Transfers For Gambling

    It is also a secure way of managing funds, where you transfer and receive money from the casinos’ bank account directly to yours. You can choose these options to avoid the hassle of a middle-man.

  4. 4
    Pay By Phone Bill Casino Payments

    It is the newest transactional method for all online casinos that allow users to play for real money on mobile phones and will enable them to play and receive money in the form of phone credit on monthly bills.

  5. 5
    Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Casino Payments

    It is the safest method of money transfer, which is eligible worldwide. Online gamblers use this method to retain their identity and hide confidential information, including their name and bank details.

Casino Security In New Zealand

Safety Features Of An Online Casino



Firewall security is crucial for all online casino sites as it aims to prove the safest gambling platform. Hence, gambling sites are built with firewall security to prevent malicious sites from accessing.


RNG Technology

RNG algorithm is recommended to deliver fair gameplay, which provides all users with the right opportunity to win games, jackpots, and other bonuses.



The secure Socket Layer employed on gambling sites ensures data encryption and provides the necessary trust to safeguard consumer information.


Third Parties

With the information from third-party integration, it is easier for casino site owners to understand consumer needs and cater to growing demands and trends.


Responsible Gambling

According to government standards, almost all online casinos and gambling sites have age restrictions on all their games, promoting responsible and safe gambling methods.


Secure Banking

Secure banking is of utmost importance when choosing a gambling site online. It not only helps to make payment gateways encrypted but also ensures the confidentiality of personal information.



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Why is Online Gambling more dangerous than Casino Gambling?


The growth of internet gambling has undoubtedly fueled concerns about problem gambling. There are millions of online gambling sites to choose from, owing to the huge popularity and rise of mobile users in recent years. However, online gambling seems more addictive and dangerous than land-based casino gambling, even when it is done on a legally licensed and monitored gambling site. One of the major reasons is the increased accessibility. In the past, Gambling was a leisure activity for the elite – for those who could afford to go to places such as Las Vegas or London. Now, gambling is widespread and accessible more than ever before, with a majority of gamblers participating through online sites. In the past, if a gambler wanted to curb their unhealthy behaviors, the obvious step was to avoid going to casinos. Avoiding online gambling sites is much more difficult, as there are temptations or triggers whenever you log into your devices. When it comes to online gambling, the gamblers’ immediate family members and loved ones face difficulty keeping tabs on gambling. Since gambling can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet, it is harder for others to know how much time and money someone is gambling away.

Online Gambling

When someone gambles at a land-based casino, they use physical cash or objects such as chips or coins, such that when he loses money, he has an idea of how much he is actually losing. However, when someone is gambling online, this perception is severely limited. Deposits and withdrawals on an online casino site are made through net wallets and prepaid card payments. Losing money on online gambling sites can feel more abstract and less tangible. Another danger associated with online gambling is the increased risk of children or teenagers finding and using online gambling. Unlike in land-based casinos, where there are strict rules on the gamblers’ age and physical and mental state, online casinos cannot effectively enable such restrictions. For example, land casinos are less likely to allow a compulsive gambler or visibly intoxicated person to gamble – which cannot be done through online casinos.

Online casinos are notorious for providing beginners with free trials of the game, huge bonuses, and benefits. The free trials of games offered by online casino sites are much easier than the original game and are known for favoring player odds. These strategies are aimed at hooking the person to the game and giving an initial thrill to make them return for more. The algorithms that favor the house kick in when a gambler signs up for a casino operator, which heavily diminishes the chances of a player winning the game. In online gambling, a gambler often plays against robots or bots, which gives them no chance of winning. Moreover, these bots can be subtly rigged to give a significant house advantage in any game. Due to the obvious risks and dangers, it is clear that online gambling should be approached with caution.

Safe Deposit Methods for Online Casinos in New Zealand

Safe Deposit Methods

You must transfer money into the casino account if you want to play real money at an online casino. Therefore, choosing a casino operator who enables safe, accessible, and convenient payment methods is significant. An ideal situation is when a gambler can quickly transfer money to their casino accounts and withdraw the cash won instantly into their bank accounts. A good casino provides gamblers with an easy, hassle-free deposit and withdrawal experience, thus keeping the dreaded inquiries with customer service to a minimum. An excellent online casino should also provide utmost importance to safeguarding your financial and personal data. Here are some of the popular safe deposit methods for online casinos in New Zealand:

Debit Cards:

Debit Cards:

Debit cards and credit cards are undoubtedly the most popular ways to make payments today. These cards offer a safe and hassle-free method to fund your casino accounts. However, it is essential to note that in New Zealand, Credit cards are not an acceptable method of payment for casinos. The Government recently banned the use of credit cards for gambling activities in an effort to curb the financial difficulties and high-interest debts that may happen by doing so. To use debit cards for gambling activities online, you must register the card with your favorite casino provider. Once registered, you can avoid the hassle of typing in the details of your debit card repeatedly before depositing money into casino accounts. However, it is crucial to set up Two-Factor Authentication for security purposes. In Two factor authentication, you will be asked to type in a security code sent into the phone registered with the bank account connected to the debit card.

E-Wallets and Prepaid Cards:


The younger generation is big on using e-wallets and prepaid cards as deposit methods for their casinos. Plenty of e-wallet options are available in the market to choose from. Ideally, these payment options should not charge any money from you for the transfer of money. Some popular examples of e-wallet options are PayPal, Paysafecard, Neteller, etc. One of the significant benefits of using prepaid cards for casino gambling is that you can effectively limit your spending. With prepaid cards, you can limit the risk of overspending as they provide you with a good idea of how much you are spending a day.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency:


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are recent additions to the various payment methods for a casino. However, since they are relatively new, many consumers and gamblers don’t fully understand them. If you are someone who doesn’t understand Cryptocurrency, it is wise to stay away from using them as a payment option for gambling activities. Only a few casino operators provide cryptocurrency as a payment method; some might encourage the trend by giving huge benefits and bonuses. One of the significant risks when it comes to Cryptocurrency is that they are decentralized – as of now, Cryptocurrency is not regulated or monitored.


Gambling Addiction: Symptoms and Treatment

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction, otherwise known as Compulsive Gambling, is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the risks and consequences it has on your life. When battling problem gambling, you are willing to risk your financial security and relationship in hopes of winning a huge jackpot. Gambling can stimulate the brain’s reward system, just like drugs and social media, leading to addiction. Compulsive gambling is a serious problem that can destroy lives and livelihoods. One of the major risks associated with gambling is that it can go unnoticed and untreated for so long. By the time the families or loved ones of the compulsive gamblers discover the problem, it could have progressed to a point where medical treatment is required. Check out the following symptoms to detect whether you or your loved one is a compulsive gambler:



Compulsive gamblers constantly think about gambling activities and how they can get more money by gambling. They plan their next gambling session – often spending more money and time for the adrenaline rush. Compulsive gamblers are likely to escape their life problems and emotions by gambling, try to chase losses, and risk losing important relationships or work opportunities for gambling. When compulsive gamblers recognize they have a problem, they might try to stop gambling – often without success. They might feel restless, irritable, anxious, and on edge, while trying to cut back on gambling. Compulsive gamblers are also more likely to constantly lie about their whereabouts or activities to their families to hide their tracks. They might ask relatives or friends to bail them out of a difficult financial situation or use the money saved for emergency bills and essential amenities. In extreme conditions, compulsive gamblers may resort to theft or fraud to get a grip on their financial situation. The difference between casual and problem gamblers is in whether they can successfully control their gambling activities. If you or your loved one has any of these symptoms, get your gambling issues sorted professionally.


As with any other addiction, compulsive gambling can also be conquered with the right treatment. Compulsive gamblers often have an unhealthy relationship with their money and finances; therefore, addressing it and finding balance is essential. It is important to note that if you have decided to get over your gambling addiction, even occasional gambling can lead to a relapse. Compulsive gamblers can choose an inpatient or outpatient deaddiction program in a rehab. An inpatient program is especially beneficial if you are unable to avoid gambling venues or casino sites without any help. Outpatient treatment helps a patient to focus on other aspects of their lives while receiving the treatment. However, if you cannot exercise some degree of control over your life, outpatient programs can prove to be detrimental. To have a balanced relationship with money and get rid of the feelings of guilt and shame associated with gambling issues, one might also require one on one therapy sessions. Gamblers should deal with underlying issues, identify triggers and overcome them to change these destructive patterns.

Fairness and Security at Online Casinos – Are They Secure?

Security at Online Casinos

When searching for a licensed casino operator online, one of the top concerns of the gamblers is whether or not they are fair and secure. Unlicensed operators are unsafe to play with; they might also withhold payments and conduct unethical practices. Playing at an unlicensed online casino will likely put your personal and financial data at risk of cyberattack. These casino operators may also use your personal data for other nefarious goals. In addition to the leaked data, there is an added risk of fund theft from your banks. Remember, when playing on rigged casino sites for real money, you are risking your hard-earned money and losing it to fund the pockets of unlicensed operators. Many of these unregulated online casino operators habitually blame ‘technical flaws’ for the lost money. If you manage to win some money at these casino sites, it might become practically impossible for you to withdraw money from your casino account. One of the biggest frustrations with unregulated casino operators is the lack of consumer support if you are met with any problems. Owing to the lack of third parties to hold these casino operators accountable, once you lose your funds, it is lost forever.


Ideally, your chosen casino operator must be registered and licensed to ensure the safety and security of your personal and financial data. The casino operators must also be transparent about their track records – allowing gamblers to check their financial histories. The websites of an online casino operator must also be SSL secured, which ensures that your data is encrypted. A site with SSL compliance has a padlock icon on its address bar. Before registering with a casino operator, make sure to check out their privacy policies. They give an insight into how the operators plan to use your personal and financial data. Stick with the operators who have the best privacy policies in place. Check out the withdrawal policies of the casino operator of your choice. Some casino operators have strict withdrawal policies, making instant withdrawals impossible.

Every country has gambling laws in place, which ensures the safety and security of the citizens. In New Zealand, all gambling activities come under the 2003 Gambling Act, and the licenses are issued by the Department of Internal Affairs of NZ. The Department of Internal Affairs ensures fair play through casino gambling inspectors. The Casino Gambling Inspectors inspect, monitor, and audit gambling activities. Casino games are based on Random Number Generators, which don’t require any external output to generate results. The game mechanisms in a casino should be based on algorithms that generate completely random results. In other words, fair gameplay should be guaranteed to all players. A good casino should also employ identity and age verification to prevent underage gambling, fraud, and the risk of money laundering.

Factors For Choosing The Best Online Casino In NZ

Online Casino In NZ

The advent of online casino sites and internet gambling has enabled people to place bets and play their favorite games without leaving the comfort of their homes. Undoubtedly, the online gambling industry is proliferating and is one of the world’s most prominent and lucrative markets. In New Zealand, gambling is one of the adults’ most favored pastime activities. Research from the Department of Internal Affairs in the country shows that during the fiscal year 2020-2021, Kiwis spend approximately $1.81 billion on gambling. This trend is the highest in the past five years and will only likely show an upward trajectory. Day by day, new gambling sites are sprouting up in the market, making it more difficult for gamblers to choose the best online casino site. If you are an absolute beginner to gambling, here are some of the significant factors in selecting the best online casino site in New Zealand:

Reputation and Licensing:

Gambling activities in New Zealand come under the 2003 Gambling Act, and only six land-based casinos are registered and licensed. The Gambling Commission of New Zealand is responsible for regulating all offline and online activities in the country. There are no restrictions for Kiwis who want to gamble on an offshore online casino platform, provided that they are appropriately licensed and regulated. When choosing an online gambling provider, it is essential to consider the operator’s reputation. For that, you might have to ask around your friends or visit review websites and do extensive research on whether the casino sites have any prior scandals. Refrain from gambling on sites with a bad reputation among the gambling communities and pro-gamblers. Check with relevant authorities to ensure that the casino you choose is registered and licensed. In New Zealand, a gambling license is issued by the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand.

Game Variety and Bonuses:

Game Variety

Good casino operators provide gamblers with plenty of games to choose from. Ideally, your preferred casino site should have all the games you love to play. Before selecting a suitable casino operator, compare the game variety between the casino sites. Remember that a more extensive library of games doesn’t mean you will enjoy the casino site. You can try different games on casino sites to find your favorites if you are an absolute beginner. Another factor when it comes to deciding on a suitable casino site is attractive welcome bonuses and prizes. Bonuses and free spins are practically free money, and to get maximum benefits, compare different casino sites and what they are offering.

Safe and Secure Payment Options:

A significant factor in finding the best casino site is looking for casino operators who enable safe, secure, and convenient payment options. The quality of the website and user-friendliness are also important factors that determine the safety of a casino provider. Ideally, the casino websites you use should be SSL compliant and also offer user-friendly mobile apps. Additionally, they should also provide fast or instant withdrawal options.

Risks Associated with Online Gambling

Online Gambling

When thinking about the risks of gambling, we often think about the obvious financial risks that come with problem gambling. However, problem gambling can also affect mental and physical health – lowering our self-esteem and confidence. A financial crisis is often the reason why a person addresses their compulsive gambling. It is also not uncommon for people to not realize that their loved ones are addicted to gambling until they face serious financial consequences. Here are some of the risks associated with online gambling:


Owing to the recent popularity of online gambling, more and more operators are starting online gambling venues. Most beginners don’t know that many of these gambling sites are not licensed, regulated, or monitored by a third party. This leaves a lot of grey areas for exploitation. In addition, there are also financial risks associated with problem gambling. Most gamblers forget that gambling is a considerably lucrative business; casinos are set up to make money and not lose it. These gamblers often try to chase their losses, which leads to an even bigger financial loss. When occasional gambling gets out of control, it can lead to bills not getting paid on time – a compulsive gambler may try to compensate by taking out loans. One way to not fall into this trap is to budget your money and preplan how much you will spend gambling. Without setting a limit on time or money for gambling, one can spend more money than intended.


Relationships and Career:

One of the biggest risks associated with problem gambling is the effects they have on your close relationships. Unsurprisingly, money arguments are one of the significant reasons for divorce after infidelity. When gambling becomes an addiction, a person can act in ways they never knew were possible for them. They might resort to lying compulsively to cover their tracks, feel depressed or anxious, and neglect their responsibilities leading to their partners doing most of the heavy work. A compulsive gambler spends most of their time thinking about their next gambling – this can lead to them performing poorly at work. The symptoms are much harder to see with online casino gambling. With their mobile phones, they can engage in online gambling activities anywhere and at any time.

Mental Health:

Mental Health

Gambling can affect your mental health – people who struggle with gambling often feel like they have no control over themselves. This can lead to experiencing shame, guilt, and a lack of self-worth. Prolonged exposure to these feelings can often lead to the development of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and, worst cases – suicidal thoughts. Research reveals that people affected by problem gambling are more likely to have suicidal thoughts than those who are not. Because people don’t discuss their financial matters openly, there is often the risk of gambling problems going undetected for so long. This can lead to devastating consequences for compulsive gambler and their families.